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 Sad Panels  
2021 - Pine, paint, PVA, aluminium, printed acetate.


C_ How do you feel about them right now?

H_ I feel like I have temporarily stopped noticing them, I’m not sure where the oval one is and the mirror one is in a dark spot in the corridor.

C_ Have you been touching them?
If yes how was it? If no why?

H_ The mirror hinge one I have tilted quite a lot and played around with. The other I have just let sit and it’s stands nicely. Although it does have a nice handle.

C_ What do you think it should happen to them now?

H_ The mirror one is quite big so I think harder to place around, but I really liked the oval one in the bathroom, I’d keep it there, it’s a space where you catch a glimpse of it often and it catches the light.

C_ What did you think they were and what for?

H_ Thought they were to give this sense of catching the light. But I also know you mentioned they were a reaction to those glow lamps. So I kind of thought they were supposed to sit in an environment comfortably and hold some therapeutic value while feeding on natural light.

C_ What do you think they could have been otherwise?

H_ Ornaments, objects of interest. The one was similar to a mirror.

C_ Can you tell me of a memory that you have of you and them?

H_ The oval one in the bathroom among the toothbrushes sat really nicely and I definitely noticed the changes in its appearances most in there going in and out at all times of day. Also when it was on the window sill we could see it through the frosted glass from down on the street.

Also the mirror was on the kitchen table and I was using it as a divider window to keep looking at the cat and freak him out.


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